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With more than 12 years of experience in Dance Education, the O2 team is committed to producing programmes that educate, celebrate and develop our young talents. O2 is a trusted partner of 23 schools for Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Programmes, and we curate Enrichment and Exposure programmes for local institutions across all levels. Equipped with industry experience, pedagogical knowledge and the passion to develop young talents, our faculty of certified dance educators believes in providing holistic education through dance.

O2 works with institutions ranging from Primary to Tertiary, of which 80% have achieved Certifcate of Distinction in the latest Singapore Youth Festival
(SYF) 2021.
Invested in the long-term growth of students, our coaches believe in delivering quality dance education to spur both physical and character development.

Covering a wide range of dance genres and skill levels, we provide developmentally-appropriate programmes for students to experience dance
through a fun and engaging way.


Based on your intended learning outcomes, the following can be customised to suit your needs:
- Short or Long-Term
- Dance Genres
- Skill Level (Beginner to Advanced)

Our programmes are eligible for Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy, and can be found on NAC-AEP directory.

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