O School

How To Register


4 simple steps to attend an open class

O School Registeration Steps

STEP 1 :registrations for the first-time

@ OSchool

  • Come on down to O School about 20 minute prior to class.

    (Availability of class is on a first come first served basis) 

  • You only need to do this for the
    very first time

  • Our opening hours are from
    5 p.m. on weekdays &
    11 a.m. on weekends



  • Click on the button below and proceed to fill in your information for an account.

Step 2: purchasing credits

@ Oschool

Our credits are priced at:

  • $14 for 1 Credit

  • $50 for 4 Credits

  • $115 for 10 Credits



  • Click on ‘Online Store

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 12.53.04.png

Credits are valid for 6 months from date of purchase | All credits are non-refundable and non-transferable
Terms & Conditions Apply

step 3:booking for classes with your account

1. Select the class you want and click on
‘Sign Up Now’


2. Click on ‘Make a single reservation’


step 4:dance!

O School Open Class Dance

Put on a pair of suitable shoes which allows you to groove and move and wear something which allows you to move freely. Show up about 5-minutes before class and come ready to dance!


black card for the hardcore

The Black Card is a loyalty system offered to O Schoolers who had attended more than 90 open classes within a 12-month period of the review dates.

Black Card members are eligible to purchase the Black Card package: 10 Credits @ $80