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Our story

O School Ltd (CLG, Charity), a performing arts centre, was established as a social enterprise in 2006 under the purview of MCCY with Institution of A Public Character (IPC) status effective from 21 November 2016.

O School aims to identify and develop youth dance talents as well as the Singapore dance market, so as to build sustainable careers for these talents.

O School has 3 social objectives: 

1. To provide employment and development for youth talents
2. To engage youths through O School programmes/events.
3. To celebrate youth potential and talents via O School events.

To this end, O School has been constantly developing urban dance curriculum which are deployed in our *Scape studios, coached institution dance teams, produced national and international events to build up the dance community. 

In April 2016, O School’s first urban dance company, Six.5 set foot into theatre creation work at Victoria Theatre for their inaugural Six.5 production.

In June 2016, O School is a National Youth Fund recipient from National Youth council for Super 24 and Love For Dance Camp; it is also a Major Grant recipient from National Arts Council from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2018. 

In addition to regular dance classes, O School also believes in developing the arts scene in Singapore by creating events to develop and showcase talents. O School has been actively creating avenues for dance enthusiasts to showcase their skills and techniques.

Move our world, one dance at a time.
— Kenny Low

Our Mission

To inspire youths to pursue their dreams just as we are pursuing our dream - bringing dance to the masses.

Our Vision

To be a leading dance school in Asia in terms of influence, expertise and inspiration.


Excellence, Integrity, Enterprise

Impact Report (FY 17-18)

  • 41,768 students benefited from 1,492 open classes*
  • 16,756 audience outreached - Classick V2.0, Singapore Dance Delight, Super 24, Elements, O School Recital & L4D Varsity Camp.
  • 10,476 audience outreached for Super 24 and 47 participating crews.
  • 2,344 audience outreached for O School Recital and 212 students benefited.
  • 1,547 audience outreached for Classick V2.0 and 9 artistes developed.
  • 1,000 audience outreached for Elements and 7 artistes developed, 15 youths mentored.
  • 953 audience outreached for Singapore Dance Delight (SDD) and 30 participating crews.
  • 604 students benefited from 23 courses*
  • 436 youth benefited from Love for Dance Camp (L4D Camp).
  • 20 institutional partners (Secondary, Tertiary, Junior College and ITE)
  • 10 resident choreographers and 13 contract choreographers given a platform to share their skills.


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