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Dance Course info
Level 1 Coures aim to introduce and build a strong foundation in basic techniques over 8 weeks. Catered to novice dancers, this course offer detailed training by our instructors at a manageble pace. Learnt techniques will be integrated into a choreography piece that students will also learn over the 8 weeks.

Level 2 Courses aim to strengthen and further develop students' existing foundation from the Level 1 Courses. Students will learn how to better apply techniques to choreography, at the same time infusing personal style and varying textures of movement to their execution with it. Level 2 Courses also prepare Course students for Intro Level Open Classes.
Open class info
Intro Level Open Classes are catered for those with limited dance experience. Created to better prepare students for our Beginner's Level Open Classes, INTRO LEVEL Open Classes are focused on building technique and allowing students to experience learning choreography at a slow and manageable pace.

Beginner's Level Open Classes are catered for those with prior dance experience. Created to introduce students to the use of style and personal flavour in choreography, BEGINNER'S LEVEL Open Classes are focused on the application of technique in choreography.

Open Classes are catered for those with extensive dance experience. Created to challenge experienced dancers, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Open Classes are focused on pushing the boundaries of movement and stamina in choreography.

dance genre info
Hip Hop
Hip-Hop, a street culture started in African American communities during the 1970s in New York City, consists mainly of rapping, DJing, graffiti and B-Boying. Hip-Hop dance emerged from the music of Hip-Hop culture, and in more recent times, has also evolved from the influences of pop-culture. A style that emphasizes groove, strength and precision, come be cool, fierce, suave at our Hip-Hop classes!

Reggae evolved in response to body movements to Reggae style-music - an African Carribean style of music first developed in Jamaica in the 1960s. A style heavily featuring body isolations and percussive hip movements, train your stamina and body groove with Reggae dance!

Popping is a funk style that developed in California during the 1960s - 70s. It revolves around the technique of hitting - a fast contraction and relaxation of muscles, that creates a jerk in the dancers' body. Featuring powerful hits and defined angles, train your musicality and strength and become a master of beats!

Locking was created by Don "Campbellock" Campbell in the late 1969 during the soul and funk era. It is a technique that involves sudden stops and pauses in the midst of a fast-paced arm movements, tightly synced with the music. Locking is a fun-filled style of dancing that will bring out your funky side! So pull up your socks and get your groove on!

Waacking is a style that emerged from the underground disco scene in the 1970s, what started out as a freeform party dance has since evolved into a dance style featuring dynamic arm movements and poses, danced to soul and funk music. Release that diva in you with the confidence, style & groove of Waacking.

B-boying is a form of Hip-Hop dance. A style that defies gravity with athletic, high-energy and groovy moves, it combines fancy footwork with power moves such as the Freeze. A dance form that relies heavily on core and arm strength, get ready to be trained hard!

Lyrical Jazz
Lyrical Jazz has its foundation in Jazz technique, combining it with Ballet and Modern dance, this style features expressive movements while training technique, strength and musicality. Be liberated and immerse yourself in the emotions of the lyrics with Lyrical Jazz.

Street Jazz
Street Jazz developed in response to the emergence of commercial pop music. This style features sharp movements, body isolations and focuses on precision and confidence. Let your hair down and unleash your wild side as you dance to your favourite hits by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and more!

Contemporary Jazz
Contemporary Jazz has its foundation in Jazz technique, combining it with Contemporary techniques, this style emphasizes body awareness and control, and features floorwork. Find freedom through your movement with Contemporary Jazz.

Freestyle is a dance style inspired by various genres of dance, focused on interpreting the music. Often danced to Rock, Indie, Pop and Alternative music, it emphasizes on musicality and expression of emotions by using muscle control and applying textures to body movements. Come and let your body be freed to the music with Freestyle!